Some D-Max Accessories Available In The Market

New Mountain Top roll top load beds covers and accessories have arrived in stock for the Isuzu. Mountain Top's D-Max roll covers are available in Black and Silver. The Isuzu D-Max's Mountain Top Roll is an excellent addition. It provides a safe cover for your truck's load area and retains the classic pick-up look. 

The Mountain Top Roller Shutter is made from strong, lightweight aluminum and provides protection against bad weather. It also protects your belongings from prying eyes. Many other D-Max attachments are now available in the market to enhance the look of your Isuzu D-Max.

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The new generation Isuzu D-Max retains its 3.5 tonne towing capability and more than 1 tonne payload. This makes it a more quiet, economical, and enjoyable driving experience. The new 1.9L turbo engine meets Euro 6 standards without the addition of AdBlue, unlike many of its competitors.

There are single, extended, and double-cab formats as well as a variety of trim levels. The D-MAX was built for professionals, with a five-year/125,000-mile warranty and five-year roadside assistance (in Europe and the UK),

The Pro//Top hardtop is now in stock for the latest generation Isuzu extended Cab as well as Double Cab. The Pro//Top Commercial Hardtop specification includes an integrated roof rack with lashing points and high luminosity interior. It also features lift-up, gullwing doors that allow triple access. The canopy features side access in Gullwing style. It is ideal for fleet users and tradesmen. 

This beautiful Venetian Red color looks great outside the Pro//Top storage unit at Leeming Bar. The new generation of Pro//Tops features a built-in roof system with lashing points and LED interior light. Available in gloss white and colour-matched.