Important Information about Concrete Wall

Concrete is a very good building material. This is strong, has high compression power and can load large amounts of load without collapsing. Concrete is porous material. This absorbs almost all types of liquids. Dirt tends to stick to concrete because of its rough texture.

Fortunately, concrete can be cleaned effectively by using methods such as pressure cleaning, which is a method where water jets are sprayed on the concrete surface with pressure ranging from under 3000psi up 10,000psi.

If you want to know more about concrete walls, click here.To keep concrete safe from damage due to external factors and to simplify the cleaning process, the concrete sealing is carried out. 

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This is a process, where concrete is coated with paint or other ingredients, which prevents concrete absorb water and oil. 

Because stains don’t penetrate the sealed surface, it’s easy to clean it. Pressure cleaning is also a good solution to eliminate the growth of fungi and mushrooms on the wall. 

Disinfectants can be mixed in proportions determined by water and can be used to clean the concrete wall. However, some of these disinfectants reacted with colored concrete walls, causing the color to peel. 

Therefore, the filling test in some corners of the wall is needed to ensure that chemicals do not cause damage. Cleaning, after all, is intended to improve the appearance of the wall rather than lower it further.