How To Integrate Incentivized Marketing Into Your Online Business?

Ever heard of incentivized marketing? It's one of the newest buzzwords in the world of online marketing. So, what does it really mean? Let's have a look.

Motivated leads are those people who want to be part of the bandwagon. These are the people who have been attracted by the benefits that are associated with a particular product or service. But, they have a problem in deciding whether they want to become part of the bandwagon.

Incentive marketing aims at persuading these people to join the bandwagon. These people are the ones who have the motivation to try out the product or service but can't make up their mind. The reason for this is because they don't have any knowledge about the product or service they are interested in.

It can be done by employing a sales force. These sales people are to get the desired response from the crowd of people by creating incentivized marketing campaigns for them.

So, how does the sales force to get these incentives? This is where the concept of pay-per-click advertising comes into play.

Pay-per-click advertising works on the principle of rewarding the search engine sites that are most popular with customers. Here, the search engine sites display advertisements and this is what the advertisers pay for.

Once the search engine sites to display the advertisements, they pay the advertiser's a certain amount of money for displaying the ads. But, these advertisers are paid once every time someone clicks on their advertisement.

An example of an ad may be a website for incentive marketing company that features jogging sessions. The web site displays the advertisements of various physical exercise equipment. The advertiser will then display his or her offers for the same and the site will pay him or her a certain amount of money. But, this offer will not continue until the advertisement is clicked on.

The clickable offer is displayed once the person clicks on the ad. The price of this offer will be automatically calculated and after the payment is made, the advertiser will have the option to display another ad or to remove the clickable offer.

This is the basic concept of clickable ads. The concept is implemented in a better manner as most of the times, the sites that offer clickable ads need to pay the affiliate site for the placement of the ads.

The affiliate site must be highly visited by the search engine traffic or else, no advertiser will pay for displaying the ad. But, the payment will be given to the affiliate site only if the site is visited by a large number of the users.