Dead Sea Salt Basics

The mineral content of bath salts is highest in sodium chloride, less than a thousandth of what the sea receives from its salty coastal waters. This mineral content makes it quite different from table salt, which is sodium chloride that has been pre-mined and processed from seawater. It also differs from table salt because it has more potassium than sodium, giving it the distinctive texture and taste.

The same salt used in restaurants, groceries, and drug stores may not be the same salt used in a health spa. At the health spa, the salt source comes from a salt mine, not salt water. The minerals in Dead Sea salt are different from those in sea salt because of the way they were created.

Sea salt is purified by filtration, which removes the magnesium and calcium impurities and replaces them with sodium chloride. This brings the minerals in the sea water to the point where they are ideal for use in products like soups, juices, and baking.

Of course, these salts would be safe and natural for us to consume, but our bodies are not made to process them, so they need to be modified before they enter our bloodstream. This is done through hydrotherapy, which uses heat and pressure to liquefy the minerals and release them as pure sodium chloride.

Sea salt is refined before being used as a dietary supplement. This method removes the excess sodium that would otherwise clog up the kidneys and may lead to high blood pressure.

The Dead Sea salt, that you find in health spas is "refined" by way of reverse osmosis. This method uses pressure to separate out the potassium and sodium chloride.

The method of refining leaves behind all of the soluble minerals, leaving the trace minerals behind. The dissolved minerals in your bloodstream are what make you feel good. They not only contribute to good health, but also can improve overall well-being.

When you look at the products you buy in supermarkets, you might notice that they contain different minerals. Some vitamins and supplements sold on the shelves may come from Dead Sea salt mined there, but the label doesn't say so.

Sea salt is available in different forms, including granules, tablets, pills, capsules, and spray forms. The reason that you might find yourself buying in more than one form is that not all salts are produced equal.

Some salts are better than others, as they contain different minerals. Dead Sea salt for example, contains more magnesium oxide.

The reason that magnesium oxide is added to the Dead Sea salt is that it was thought to have properties that aiding digestion. Studies showed that it did exactly that.

Other salts are taken from the Dead Sea, not because they are better tasting or better for you, but because they are cheaper. Manufacturers prefer to buy them in bulk, rather than purchase them in large lots, in order to save money.