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Using The Waterless Camping Toilet

Oh boy. Does this not sound like a funny product to you that you have seen in one Jacksepticeye Funniest Home Videos? The one where they try to sell you some funny stuff that has their own uses while at the same time not really being all that useful? Thankfully though, this one is actually very much useful for when there is no toilet around. Instead of a real toilet, you can just lug around the waterless camping toilet.

Okay, we apologize for this but is anyone other than us actually uncomfortable with the thought of carrying around a mini pooper in their bags and using bags to catch their waste? Are we the only one that is horribly fascinated by this?

Are we the only guys here that are extremely against using this to piss and poop and then having to throw away the contents into the woods in a bag using your own bare hands? Or maybe we are just squeamish about this?

Jesus Christ, the innovation of man continue to amaze and terrify us. Next thing you know, they will start selling gold clubs that you could put your thing into so you can piss into it. Wait, that has not been invented yet, right? RIGHT?

They already have that, you say? It is a real thing that people can buy, you say? Why? It is much easier to just pee in a bush than stick your manhood there to take a leak. You would be swinging that club around for the game, you know?

Will the sounds of piss splooshing around in that thing not disturb you as you play? Wil that really be a better alternative to just pissing in a bush or against a tree? Please tell us that you people made these things for the purpose of actually trying to help. Because if these were made out of trolling and making fun of the people who will but, then you are probably a tool.

Admittedly though, we cannot say that would not buy this just for giggles. Because for a video and while intoxicated, we cannot say we would not purchase them just to have some fun and not because we actually have a need for them.

Sure, the whole waterless toilet thing sounds great on theory but when you actually get to see it and how it operates, would it not make you a little squeamish? Is it not basically the same thing as using a diaper? Hwy not just USE a diaper instead then? Or is the thought of having your ass touching all your crap actually disgusting you for once?

It cannot be as bad as holding a bag full of it after you took a dump in a fake toilet, right? In retrospect, we can admit that this is a lot better than taking a dump in the woods and hoping to bury your shame in leaves and dirt. It would certainly take less time to just use this. And for that, we admit defeat about this item.