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Ways to Minimize Hydraulic Cylinder Failure and Repair Prices

As a product group, hydraulic cylinders are nearly as common as motors and pumps combined. So if you operate plenty of hydraulic equipment, it is very likely that cylinder repair cost is a significant part of your overall operating expenses.

Ways to Minimize Hydraulic Cylinder Failure and Repair Prices

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According to some studies, up to 25 percent of mechanical equipment failures are failures of design. If we apply this to hydraulic cylinders, then as many as one in four hydraulic cylinders aren't adequately designed for the program they are operating in.

#1. Bent Rods

Bending of cylinder rods may be brought on by insufficient pole diameter or material power, improper cylinder mounting arrangement or a combination of all three. When the pole bends, the deforming load is put on the rod-seal.

#2. Rod Finish

The surface finish of the cylinder rod has a substantial effect on the life span of the rod seal. If the surface roughness is too low, seal life can be decreased because of inadequate lubrication. If the surface roughness is too high, contaminant ingression is raised and an unacceptable amount of leakage past the rod seal may result.

#3. Ballooned Tubes

Ballooning of the cylinder tube is usually brought on by insufficient wall thickness and/or material strength for the cylinder's operating pressure. When the tube balloons, the right tolerance between the piston seal and tube wall is dropped, allowing high-pressure fluid to bypass the seal.

#4. Insufficient Bearing Area

If the surface area of the bearing bands in the gland and on the piston are insufficient to adequately support the side thrust transferred into the cylinder, excessive load is put on the rod and piston seals.

Top Tips for Buying Hydraulic Hand Pump

The hydraulic hand pump is a device that helps us to move liquids from one location to another. A pump that is not equipped with a hydraulic or electric device is a simple hand pump.

The high-pressure pump extracts fluid from the underground faster than a hand pump and therefore more favorable than the hydraulics for most applications. If you are looking for more details about hydraulic pump repair you can read more here.

Top Tips for Buying Hydraulic Hand Pump

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The pressure pump has extra strength so that they can extract the liquid from the lower level to a higher level at a faster rate of speed.

When buying this pump, it is important to know all of your needs, such as how deep you need to go to remove the liquid, the best company that produces it, and most importantly.

If you are a new user then go to the latest technology that offers several options and the latest features, and of course, you need to consider producing a guarantee. It is very important that if your pump is not working properly or becomes corrupted, you can restore it to obtain or have it replaced.

 If you decide to buy a new brand of hydraulic pumps, you should expect to spend more than you originally planned. You will receive many benefits in return for buying the higher-end models such as better quality and longevity. This is a long term investment for all your future needs and plans.