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When to Start Homeschooling?

The decision to homeschool a child is never easy. For most parents, there is always a fear of whether they are eligible to provide an education that is sufficient to help their children learn and succeed.

However, evidence shows that homeschooling a child, if done properly, can often lead to some surprising results, including higher test scores and increased rates of graduate and college admissions. You can also click to read more to know when to start homeschooling for your child.

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Deciding a child to homeschool is one thing, but another question that parents often have to answer is the when to homeschool a child. Should homeschooling begin at a specific age or at a specific time of year? These are the only two things a parent has to consider when deciding to homeschool.

The best part of the answer to that question is that there is no true right answer. A homeschooling program can and should be individualized to meet the needs and abilities of a child. This usually means that children begin their homeschooling education at around five or six years of age.

Still, there is always the possibility that parents can begin homeschooling their children at an earlier age. Since a good portion of parents often enrolls their children in a local preschool, it makes sense that homeschooling parents can also begin providing at least the most basic instruction when their children are of preschool age, usually three or four years of age.

In the end, taking the time to consider the child as an individual can result in a much more effective program than if a decision is made based simply on the age of a child.