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Things to Be Aware of in Medical Malpractice Cases

You left the hospital feeling worse than when you were admitted. The staff was rude and inattentive, you waited for hours to receive your medication, and the specialist showed up only after you complained to social services.

Does that mean that you may be entitled to damages for the medical malpractice of the hospital staff? The answer depends on many variables and you need to get in touch with medical malpractice lawyers in your area to see if you have a valid cause of action for negligence.

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1. Unfortunate result is not always medical negligence

Physicians being sued for malpractice often testify that without their treatment and care the patient would have died, and they did what was necessary to make sure the patient survives.

2. The Summons and Complaint needs to include Certificate of Merit

One can no longer file a claim against a physician without first consulting with another practitioner or specialist about the merits of the case and possibility of recovery.

3. Medical malpractice litigation is expensive

These days a bad review can ruin the medical practice and doctors are very conscious of public opinion, as well as the effect any medical malpractice lawsuits will have on their insurance premiums.

4. Incomplete medical records

The expert reviewing the injured party's case together with his attorney needs to have access to all of the client's pertinent medical records, including all diagnostic tests, lab results, blood work, etc.