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How To Recognize a Good Church

Traveling to various locations and attending various churches gives you variety to measure some analytical feelings. And I'm not talking here about the feeling of worldly criticism.

Some churches may be more alive than others, some may be more conservative, etc. That's not what we are talking about here. Listen to the sound of heaven church for changing lives through the love of Jesus.

There is an atmosphere, the Spirit if you want, which can be quickly felt in the air, whether the church is really happy or depressed. It's like the first three minutes of an interview or the atmosphere in an organization that is low on morale.

You can observe it in discipline and respect in the sanctuary. You can hear it in singing. You can experience it in affection between members and pastors. You can feel it in your spirit. You can certainly receive it in the preacher's sermon.

Let's examine this attribute more closely.

1) You can see it in the face and the joy of people:

Reality cannot be faked or hidden. Greetings who are truly happy from a vibrant and Spirit-filled congregation can be felt by even the most unbelieving people. In fact, on many occasions I abstained from inviting unbelievers to the church for the reason that those feelings were never right for such opportunities.

2) You can feel it in voices and greetings from people who are milling about:

The authenticity of people can only come from the time spent together and caring for each other. Time really enjoys being together with each other through fellowship, time to talk and share before and after Sunday services and in home cells for a week.

3) You can observe it in discipline and respect from the Holy Places:

There is nothing less polite than at that time the church ignored the time of the beginning of the worship and silence of the sanctuary.