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An Introduction To Garage Doors

The selection of garage doors and garage door material is largely determined by the type of home you have, your space, and of course, your budget.

There are four different styles of garage doors: sectional doors, roller doors, side-hung door and up-and-over door. They come in three different materials you can choose from: wood, steel, and glass-reinforced plastic.

 If your home has a short trip and is generally limited space-wise, then the garage roller door may be just what you are looking for. A roller door straight-up drum rolls found above the opening, so no outswings or overhang. If you want to know more about the garage doors, then you can also visit

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Sectional garage doors, on the other hand, differ in the way in which the door is stored once opened. Such as roller doors, no outswing flush so you can park your car to the garage door.

Up-and-over garage doors are a one-piece door that swung out and then up, lying parallel to the ceiling. You need a large space before the garage door (from bottom to top and from top to bottom) to allow the door to swing freely in a horizontal position.

If you have a large garage, you should also consider the most traditional style (and simple) of the garage door – side hung doors. They hang from the side, and basically double doors that lock in the middle.

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