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A Backpackers Life-cycle of Maturity


Once a backpacker, it is difficult to return to the mundane routine of normal life. Independent travelling sticks to you like addiction. A backpacker’s lifestyle allows them the luxury of refusing to conform to the monotony of dressing up, studying, going to work, finding a career, marrying before 30 or having kids. All they can see ahead of them is the next destination they want to hit. However, there is metamorphosis even in a backpacker’s life. After fifteen years of backpacking experience, they do not remain the same person who initially left the comforts of his life to explore the world. Backpackers could be classified into certain types.

Hippie – Hippies live the life in its purest form possible today. They avoid consumer products. They believe in lesser belongings. They heads are dreadlocked. They refrain from taking a shower. And they do not want to please anyone. They like local foods and avoid highly commercial areas. They cannot pay for costly things or places so they mostly travel on foot and stay at low cost motels or hostels.

Spiritual – The spiritual travelers are interested in the cultural, religious heritage of a city. They stay close to religious and cultural spots. Such places have hostels nearby.

Partners in journey – because backpackers spent longer time in places than other people, they get a chance to socialise and live together longer. Many backpackers find a team in each other and decide to continue their globetrotting together. Many hostels have a backpacker who came there and never left after months.

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